Gioni David Parra has made an important and unique contribution to the artistic exploration of sculpture. Even though it is difficult to place his art into any generic category, he has always managed to remain closely connected to contemporary art.

Gioni David Parra, Nocube 2019, Sahara noir marble and gold leaf

His current output sheds light on the approach he has taken since his marble sculptures (e.g., Bladelight, Nocube). It does so by adding a new component to the dialogue created by the artist: the surface of a blank canvas. This abstract element juxtaposes painting and sculpture in terms of light, thanks to the presence of marble fragments skilfully placed on the canvas.

Gioni David Parra in a marble carving studio in Pietrasanta, 2019

Gioni David Parra has titled this new cycle of works Matter Conceptual. These themes will be discussed in October, during a meeting with the artist organized by the Cris Contini Contemporary Gallery in London.

Gioni David Parra, Cased bladelight, 2018

This summer, the artist’s latest works will be on display at the Contemporary & Co. gallery in Cortina d’Ampezzo and at the Hotel Villa Roma Imperiale in Forte dei Marmi. Gioni is also preparing two important solo shows that will take place next season, in Argentina and in Bologna.