“My contribution to the world is my ability to draw. Painting is still substantially the same thing as it was in prehistory. It connects humans and the world”. Keith Haring.

Keith Haring. Radiant Vision is a tribute to the renowned American artist of the Eighties who recuperated Andy Warhol’s Pop Art in the Seventies and employed it to make the audience aware of social themes of paramount importance such as civil rights, nuclear de-escalation, children’s welfare, and Aids. His seemingly playful and immediate language often reveals brutal and violent realities. 

From 30th September 2022 to 29th January 2023, more than a hundred artworks from private collections, including lithographs, drawings, serigraphs, and flyers, will be on display. The venue of the exhibition which features Haring’s brief and intense career is held at the Orangerie in Monza’s Villa Reale. The exhibition is produced by General Service and Security and Saga in cooperation with Villa Reale Consortium, Monza Park, and Beside Studio.