ca pesaro

Cà Pesaro : a lot of sex please, we’re British

Do you remember the play and comedy film “No Sex Please, We're British” that had so much success in the 1970s? In the UK,...

LABIOMISTA : Koen Vanmechelen passionate ideas

LABIOMISTA (literally, “mixture of life”) is a project born out of a passionate idea, fostered by enthusiasm for an adventure, and translated into something...

Venezia, beyond the Biennale

This year’s Venice Biennale presents an almost unprecedented variety of artists from all over the world. Among the most beautiful and impressive works is...
One point perspective

Stanley Kubrick at the Design Museum in London

Twenty years after Stanley Kubrick’s death, an interesting exhibition at the Design Museum in London, running until 15 September, tells the story of his...

An interesting Biennale

American curator Ralph Rugoff has chosen a propitiatory title for the 58th International Art Exhibition: May You Live In Interesting Times. A Biennale on...