Giuliana Maria Maddalena Fusari

Giuliana Maria Maddalena Fusari : The substance of spirit

Giuliana Maria Maddalena Fusari’s favourite material is poetry, intended as the lyrical quality that gives voice to the spirit. Art critic Vittorio Sgarbi provided...
Paolo Sorrentino

Interview with Paolo Sorrentino : Maradona’s semi-divine power has saved me

"Cinema is necessary to distract from reality because reality is poor. That’s why I want another life, why I want to make films," says...
Virgilio Guidi

Virgilio Guidi’s Venetian Light

From the Roman School with the famous paintings of women blessed by maternity to the iconic canvases of the lagoon and the Venetian palaces,...
Agron Hoti

Interview Agron Hoti

Agron Hoti was born in Albania in 1970; since his childhood, he has distinguished himself for his artistic talent. His life was turbulent and...
Javier Bardem Dune

Javier Bardem : With Dune I had my childhood dream realized

Some people have a special gaze, so deep as to result hypnotic. Javier Bardem is one of them while he talks about himself simply...

Penck – Chaos VS world order

The years that Ralf Winkler (Penck) spent in Dresden from the Forties to the Sixties were the toughest. As a child in post-war Germany,...
Jamie Lee Curtis

Interview with Jamie Lee Curtis : When fear becomes added value

She cannot stand the horror film genre that made her famous, but she is also grateful to it. Jamie Lee Curtis is fearful and...
Martin Parr

Martin Parr : Photography & Sport a look from the bleachers

The tennis court enters, literally, in the space of Camera, Italian Centre for Photography, in Turin, before, during, and after the Nitto ATP Finals,...
Osvalda Pucci

Osvalda Pucci : The river of Existence

Catching the singularity in the spectacle of the world and things is not an easy task; neither is the contingent note in its intermingling...
David Begbie

David Begbie : Immanence

The artists, of all trends, of all styles, of all ancestry and descent, are the protagonists of our scenography of show and virtuality, apparently...