Fedora Spinelli’s artistic output marks her as one of the most authentic exponents of abstract art, both in Italy and abroad. She works mostly in series, and all of her works are abstract pieces that take the viewer on a symbolic journey.

Spinelli has a masterly control of shapes and composition. She uses her spatula as skilfully as a hand embroiderer uses her needle, moulding and shaping the paints to facilitate direct contact with the light. She works on her art daily, creating a sort of kaleidoscope
within which universal truths hide. In line with her personality and with the character of her native region of Apulia, Spinelli sees art as a quest for truth. In 2018 she started a new series of works that combine art with poetry. Art and text are transferred and fused together onto plexiglass through digital technology – which is also a way of humanizing that technology.