Giuliana Maria Maddalena Fusari’s favourite material is poetry, intended as the lyrical quality that gives voice to the spirit. Art critic Vittorio Sgarbi provided a complete interpretive reflection on Fusari’s artworks, seen as milestones of an introspective journey into the poet’s self; a journey as a sort of therapy aimed at sublimating lyrical language otherwise incommunicable.

Her current activity clarified an abstract formulation in which each reference to factual or realistic anecdotes is transformed in aesthetic and allusive images. Creativity is always controlled by rationality and awareness; any expressive experience shall never come out as casual but as thorough reflection, like her poetry and pictures testify.

Fusari defines her style as “Female informal”, distinguished by grace and elegance, like femininity and spirituality. She also highlights the difference with informal painting, which is historically “masculine”, and therefore rougher. In conclusion, we remind that some of her works feature in Free a film by director Fabrizio Maria Cortese, with actresses Sandra Milo and Corinne Cleri.