Agron Hoti was born in Albania in 1970; since his childhood, he has distinguished himself for his artistic talent. His life was turbulent and adventurous: in 1992, he moved to Greece, where he lived for a decade and worked on Byzantine icons.

Afterward, he came to Italy on an illegal speedboat and chose to be based in Verona, where he opened his studio gallery. His painting research drew the attention of art critic Philippe Daverio. On 16 December, he opened a new solo exhibition in which a selection of his principal works is on display.

Agron Hoti
Agron Hoti – Abstract, 2021 MIXED MEDIA ON CANVAS CM. 270 X 190

Nowadays, he is an informal artist who creates outstanding compositions, playing with dreams, wonder, and surprise, with which he does public art performances. Colour and action dominate his poetics as well as a fine and accurate sense of balance, which never has a single drop of colourful dripping wasted out of place; drops are instead positioned accurately and attentively where they ought to be (Astratto, 2021). The series of Eclipses may remind of the Moons by Giulio Turcato and his poetry.

The master used to say that “the artist is an astronaut who works with the imagination,” a statement that well adapts to Hoti’s paintings. Then there are the collages in which he pays homage to the comic and cartoon world, made with dynamic and chromatic compositions which remind us of New Realism. In them, it’s not hard to recognize the beloved characters of Disney or Warner Bros.