Lorenzo Puglisi’s oil paintings capture you to such an extent that you feel like you want to dive into them with your eyes, or rather, with all of your senses, and wrap yourself up in the thick plot of the mysterious history of painting that the artist has created for you. You are charmed, bewitched, like in a medieval rite where ecstasy could lead you anywhere.

La misericordia, 2017 oil on canvas cm 70×60

On the occasion of the recent solo exhibition at the Biffi Arte Gallery in Piacenza, titled Pitture di luce e di tenebra (Paintings of light and darkness), curator Valerio Dehò wrote that, in Puglisi’s paintings, “like in Francis Bacon, the eyes are no longer a ‘window into the soul’, as they frequently were in traditional portrait art at least until the 20th century.

Ritratto 070609 (detail) oil on canvas Cm 200×150

Rather, they are often eyes that do not look at you, blind eyes, because in fact they need to be looked at.” The remarkable location of the exhibition is part of Formec Biffi, a leading company in the international food industry that has always supported the arts, especially by helping innovative artists achieve success in their time.