Catching the singularity in the spectacle of the world and things is not an easy task; neither is the contingent note in its intermingling with poetry and the pantheistic harmony of the whole.

Flashes of light, soft and hard at the same time, draw peculiar traits of world actuality and its flow, bringing to the surface other meanings that are difficult to unveil. Osvalda Pucci, with her powerful expression tools, succeeds in interrupting the flow of existence for a while, giving us back a poetic, intense reality caught in that eternally fleeting moment.

Osvalda Pucci – Incanto 2021

Osvalda Pucci’s ingenuity is all displayed in the shades, in the colour applied with the old technique of “spilt and spread oil” dating back to the Fifteenth century and of which Pucci is today, most likely, the only heir. Hers are pictorial places even before being physical; they fill up the mind cavities and connect us, humans, with the surrounding world. Perpetuating a long Sienese tradition, Osvalda Pucci achieves what the artists would do, which she has studied and admired and has given life to today.

Her artworks will be exhibited in France at the Second edition of Art Normandy, in March 2022 in the city of Honfleur.