When you look at Riccardo Aichner’s photographs in sequence, it is clear that the different learned themes he uses are a means to enrich an action, one which essentially originates from the human being.

During his travels and stays abroad, Riccardo Aichner photographs and witnesses little secrets, telling the stories that take place around him. Wherever he goes, he manages to capture people and things in the streets and paths he walks, spotting them before he actually shoots them.

Riccardo Aichner, waiting for heaven

His attentive eye discovers little corners of the world that might soon disappear forever in the instable flux of contemporary life. In his shots, Aichner tells a variety of stories, based on his taste and on the situation in which he finds himself.

His portraits of people always suggest an existence where happiness, disbelief and drama intertwine, a reality you can only get a glimpse of from the outside. The subjects captured by the camera appear to be in a state of suspension, willing to wait for something that may happen, so much so that the context becomes a mere background detail.

In Aichner’s vast photographic production, which includes reportages in collaboration with international institutions, elements such as light and time punctuate his works and make them stand out at all times.

Riccardo Aichner , resurrecturis