The project involving the Italian photographer Paolo Vegas from 2010 is called “cloning”. His idea is to give a documentation about questions of the contemporary life from the easy Facebook “friends” and “i like”, to the same fiction around the globe and to ethical cloning world controversy.

The artist translates these topics rebuilding in different stages from concept to post production. Unlike the photojournalist who seizes the right moment, Vegas creates and absorbs, in a private level, elements that are combined into a genuine choreography searching new representations with models, clothes, objects and scenes background.

A long realization that technically is constructed by the same person or more, photographed in different dimensional planes, which are placed digitally in the context created. A photographic effect of dream, mirage and cloning, in which is placed a real object to testify the reality, because everything is existing and

This inclusion allows Vegas to create a unique piece of photographic works, in opposition to the editions not always declared. Indoor scenes with human traces replicated in continuous doublings, which relate different personalities of the same subject.