Even in this difficult times, London’s art galleries continue to keep high the level of the cultural offer by transferring the exhibiting scene from the physical space to the digital one. To taste a real shot of positivity, you can’t miss the new Cris Contini Contemporary gallery’s show Breaking the Habit, on Artgate VR platform.

Featuring the beautiful and very colourful artworks of the artist Omar Hassan, this exhibition is such a breath of fresh air in this difficult time. The Italian-Egyptian artist was introduced to the Milan underground art scene at a young age and his initial interest in street art soon developed into a passion for a diverse range of art.

Omar Hassan Lambrate 2017

Despite the fact that Street-art techniques have always been a fundamental element of Hassan’s practice, the artist doesn’t feel to be categorized according to one style only. He has, in fact, kept an extreme free way to interpret his art, which has led the artist to expand his research beyond the structures imposed by any artistic movement, also deeply influenced by his personal life experiences.

The series Injections, consisting in single dots and streams of paint dripping down from their core, and Breaking Through , where the artist combines painting and performance in a vigorously gestural technique inspired by his boxing career, both refer to Hassan’s life, who had to retire from the professional boxe scene due to a diabetes diagnosis.

This is an exhibition that shows how to react to adversities, with vigour and positivity towards the future, in the most unique Hassan’s way.