Martin Parr

Martin Parr : Photography & Sport a look from the bleachers

The tennis court enters, literally, in the space of Camera, Italian Centre for Photography, in Turin, before, during, and after the Nitto ATP Finals,...
Francesco Loliva

Francesco Loliva : discovering what can happen whit a frame

What is a photographer’s talent, if not the ability to isolate rectangles of reality? The ability to encapsulate one’s experiences, one’s knowledge, within a...
Youssef Nabil

Youssef Nabil sprinkles his stardust on Venice

Visionary Egyptian artist Youssef Nabil uses a variety of expressive media – from photography, painting and film to installations – to convey his educated...

Riccardo Aichner man and his reality

When you look at Riccardo Aichner’s photographs in sequence, it is clear that the different learned themes he uses are a means to enrich...