ca pesaro

Cà Pesaro : a lot of sex please, we’re British

Do you remember the play and comedy film “No Sex Please, We're British” that had so much success in the 1970s? In the UK,...

H-FARM: a platform for innovation and education since 2005

H-FARM is an innovative platform supporting the development of new business models, digital transformation of companies, and education for young people to prepare them...

Venezia, beyond the Biennale

This year’s Venice Biennale presents an almost unprecedented variety of artists from all over the world. Among the most beautiful and impressive works is...
Venetia 1600 Mostra

Venetia 1600 at Palazzo Ducale

Either truth or legend, the foundation of Venice is dated 25 March of a.d. 421. Therefore, 1600 years have passed, a glorious story that...
Hieronymus Bosh

Hieronymus Bosch at Palazzo Reale in Milan

Hieronymus Bosch, one of the major interpreters of European painting in the Sixteenth century, is an artist easy to love but overly complex to...
Mostra del Cinema 2020

77ª Venice film festival: the golden lion holds out against the...

Numberless art, theatre, music and dance events have been cancelled, shut down, or postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the Cannes...
Osvalda Pucci Arte

Osvalda Pucci – Deserts

Osvalda Pucci’s Deserts look like explorations of the mind’s inner world. As a deep connoisseur of ancient painting techniques, Pucci mixes concepts and ideas...